opening pulse point app on tablet

Introducting Pulse Point

A way to effortlessly keep your finger on the pulse of your transactions. Brought to you by Burnet Title!

PulsePoint is a mobile text message service that alerts you to the real-time status of your active transactions. You will be notified of key milestones throughout the transaction, including:

  • When the order is created 
  • When the order is ready to close 
  • When the closing has been scheduled 
  • When the transaction has been closed and funded

Just think, no more calling to track your transaction’s status! We know you’re busy, so PulsePoint will bring your deal status directly to you, real-time.

PulsePoint is available from Burnet Title throughout the state of Minnesota. You don’t have to lift a finger - if Burnet Title already has your cell phone number, you will be automatically enrolled in PulsePoint.

Add PulsePoint to your contacts.
View a short video demonstrating how to add PulsePoint to your contacts.

Watch a short video about PulsePoint below: